Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just a story.

Today I had an awesome experience. It was something that you would never think would be cool, but it was. A family in my community has a son and daughter in the United States. They both went there illegally 9 years ago, and since they are illegal they cannot come back to visit. Well today I brought my laptop over to their mud hut and 11 people in their family and I climbed up to the top of a mountain in my village so we could get satellite signal for internet and we skyped the son and daughter in the United States. For us Americans, that may not be so crazy, but for these people… who have never been to the capital and have only left their village a handful of times, this was huge. It was the first time seeing a computer for some of them… For the first time in 9 years they were actually seeing their kids, brother and sister and they did not have to worry about how much it cost. They huddled around the screen in this barren field while chickens, roosters and cows looked on and talked, shared laughs and even shed a few tears. This went on for 4 hours. I guess William Shatner was right… the internet can’t hide anymore.

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